Purple is a color that represents the regal and power of women, but it always retains the femininity and charm in your person. Purple is likened to the color of a flower – delicate, the color of the queen, expressing your inner depth and the mystery that everyone is curious to discover – right power and majesty, or the color of a wine – sophisticated, sharp and intoxicating. Therefore, with unique nail design ideas with the purple shades of gel polish OPI color, purple nail designs never run out. Honestly, purple nail designs can enhance each person’s own beauty. Therefore, buying yourself an OPI gel nail kit at home is extremely necessary for you to create nail art.

What Can Gel Polish OPI Do for Your Nails?

Purple OPI Gel Polish

Your hands will be amazing if you know how to create accents for them. For those of you who are not skillful with your hands, you can still make your own favorite nails with OPI polish kit. Because OPI gel polish allows users to apply more easily with extremely fast drying under LED or UV light, once dry, OPI gel nail will be completely shiny. The nail sets with OPI gel polish kit have a maximum durability of up to 2 months, which is a time that very few gel polish brands in the world can do today! You will always feel more confident and have more courage in front of the crowd when you have beautiful, luxurious nails that express all the meaning you want.

Let’s Explore What OPI Gel Nail Kit and Purple Gel Polish OPI Offer You!

With the endless creative flexibility of art and fashion, you can transform purple nail designs that are more stylish and suitable for each situation. Choose dark purple for romance and seriousness, light purple for sweet and cute.

In the ever-evolving era, although today it is fashionable, the next day it is outdated. Therefore, let’s transform the nail design that is both beautiful but trendy and modern. Try combining nail designs with many different clothes, to match the nail design you are going to experiment.

OPI nail polish colors can be the most perfect choice for your hands, purple nail designs with it are absolutely flashy and beautiful as always, no matter where, any season, with any outfit, you will stand out and shine.

Taking a look at some purple nail designs with OPI gel polish kit right now!

Pink and purple nail designs

Purple Gel Polish OPI

The unique purple nail designs are a combination of cute nail designs, flower nail designs, eye-catching textures that create a unique style for its owner. With this nail design, the alternating arrangement of pink and purple colors is combined with the star and lightning drawing to create a harmonious and extremely eye-catching whole, showing the youthfulness and strong personality of the artist or the girl who wears this nail set.

Still a combination of pink and purple. Gel polish OPI colors can give you a completely different look than the nail set above. In this nail set, it shows the serenity and gentleness with the dreamy soul of teenage girls.

Unique purple nail design

Purple OPI Gel Polish

It’s so great when your hands look so personal and strong, full of difference with unique nail designs. The cartoon character motifs from simple to sophisticated will make you stand out. These are not bad ideas for mischievous parties or Halloween festivals.

Is this a masterpiece in your own hands? Certainly, with this nail design, it not only shows you are a deep inner person but also shows your aesthetic taste and meticulousness.

Or it will be more youthful and mischievous if you try this nail design, inspired by the images of dairy cows on the farm, you can easily make this nail set at home, it’s easy though done but will look very fun and attractive!

Pastel purple nail designs

Purple OPI Gel Polish

Pastel colors are extremely loved and cared for by the nail industry. It shows its class and personality. This is an aristocratic trendy nail design and has received many “rains of compliments” from beauty followers.

It is not difficult to see that whether you have dark skin or black and white, purple nail design is still suitable for you. it doesn’t make your skin color less attractive or darker as you think, it makes your hands look more prominent whether it is designed with short or long nail shapes, using matte or glossy polish, the nail sets with OPI gel polish kit are still beautiful in different ways.

Final thought

Take some time to carefully consider each of your options. And remember, don’t hesitate to change something new, maybe you will gain more confidence and know which one is best for you.

We will always update new nail trends for you to explore. Hope to see you in the next topic.