Whether it is about nail gel polish or lacquer nail polish, both are meant to protect your nails and make them look prettier than average. While nail polish gives a shiny effect and presents a thick coating to the nails, nail lacquer is something that gives a glossy and smooth finish to your beautiful nails.

Both these nail products can help you enhance the look of your nails and have their own pros and cons. But there is always an ongoing debate between women about which nail protector is better in terms of endurance, quality and certain other factors and which one is better.

So, let’s take a look below and find out what the fuss is all about.

What Is Nail Polish?

As it is quoted in a famous book, nail polish is “the unexpected accessory” that adds color to your overall appearance and completes your outfit. Nail polish has been an essential fashion for most style-forward women for so many decades now that it has now evolved as more of a habit in most of these ladies.

Changing one’s nail polish according to the latest trends and having to apply your favorite nail gel color regularly has become a fashion charm. This gives your overall style a fine finishing and helps you add a touch of femininity to your style and make a statement with your fashion.

It is available in a wide range of charming and attractive colors and gives your nails a rather dapper yet classy look. The history of nail polishes comes all the way back from the old Chinese era. Yes, it is that old! Back then, primarily metallic colors like golds and silver were famous and were worn as a sign of power and wealth.

But as time passed, the color tange started to evolve, and options like black, red, yellow, etc., replaced those metallic colors. After the popularity of nail polishes even spread across the globe, especially to the Middle East, Egypt, and Northern Africa, etc.

In the current era, nail polishes have become more like a fashion habit, and every look stays incomplete without the spicy touch of these colorful nail polishes with your dress. In addition to that, pedicures and manicures are also fashion staples that involve painting your nails and are normally as common as eating your regular meals.

What Is Nail Lacquer?

In comparison to that, nail lacquer is one of the recent fashion discoveries of stylists and modern fashionistas. This nail decorating accessory has been available in the markets for the last few years and has become an instant favorite of most ladies.

These nail lacquers help you to raise the style quotient of your looks, and by applying a quote of this substance, you can give your nails a smooth and glossy finish. Nail lacquers add some thickness to your nails and can also be known by the name of varnishes in the market.

These nail varnishes are available in thousands of amazing and attractive colors from which you can choose easily according to your needs and demands. Other than that, they also have a number of shimmer or glitter options available in them, making them more extraordinary to wear, and it also adds an element of fun to your fashion.

Basically, nail lacquers are made by mixing many different chemicals and solvents like ethyl acetate, which gives the liquid base to these varnishes. The thickeners added in them are to make sure the color particles present in them are distributed evenly throughout the solution.

The Comparison

For a newbie, the terms nail polishes and nail lacquers are synonyms, but only a fashion expert knows the difference between both of them. Some of the common differences are given below:

Nail lacquers protect your nails mainly, but nail polishes are generally used for decorating and coloring your nails.

Nail lacquers are mostly known for their thickness and density. At the same time, nail polishes are often much thinner in consistency.

Nail lacquers strengthen your nails by giving them a thick coating along with serving some cool, shiny, and glossy looks to your nails. On the other hand, nail polishes lend you a designer-finished look to your nails.

Nail lacquers are more chip-resistant and chip resistant.

Nail polishes are mostly available in a massive number of colors and shades to help you complete your look matching with every outfit.

Many cosmetologists and stylists generally recommend nail lacquers due to their impressive looks and endurance.


As long as nail lacquers continue to make a strong statement in the market, the traditional gel polish still remains the favorite of many. Overall, both these polish nail products are used to protect your nails along with giving them a finely finished and beautiful look.

So, just go on and pick a color in either of them to start decorating your nails now!