Spring is the most exciting of all seasons, where you see colorful flowers blooming all over the place. It is an excellent respite from the cold and dark winter months. While it is not as hot as the summer months to follow, the spring season offers the most pleasant climate of all. It should also be the right time to flaunt your beautiful nails. You can pull out the DND gel polish you had stored in your closet and have a great time experimenting with beautiful designs.

Here are some spring nail trends that should bring you out of the somber winter moods and provide the ideal spark in your life.

Top Spring nail trends

Splash your nails around with the playful pink theme

Think of flowers, and the first colors that come to mind are pink and rose. The roses in your garden are ready for plucking. It would be great to have matching nails as you rummage your fingers through the beautiful roses. The best part of the spring season is that you can try out the bubbly shades with gay abandon. Try for some organic designs to spruce your nails into action.

The spearmint green color should set the tone for things to come

As the flowers blossom all over your garden, the spring season is the right time to have a look at the greenery all around you. The green grass, trees, and leaves make for an incredible sight. You can try out the spearmint green shades on your nails to match the season’s green mood and be in sync with nature. You have the perfect shade available in the new DND gel polish colors collection.

Sky Blue shades beckon you with glee

During the spring months, the bright blue sky is a welcome sight after the dark clouds that you had endured during the winter and autumn months. It would be a fantastic idea to paint your nails in sky blue shades and welcome the advent of blue skies with gusto. It is an incredible feeling to add a few white fluffy cloud designs to your nails to bring out the ethereal nail art design.

The Zebra print nails are the latest trending colors today

Animal prints have always fascinated women. The leopard prints are exhilarating, but they bring out the wild side in you. A better option is to opt for the zebra print to be more in tune with your nature. You can experiment with the white/black or the orange/black combos. Alternatively, the rainbow hues can set a new trend altogether. Rummage through your DND gel polish collection, and have a fantastic time.

The floral design should suit the ambiance

You can bid goodbye to the dark and somber winter trends and welcome spring with the bright and flashy paster floral designs. The florals should gel beautifully with the colorful flowers blooming in your garden and bring your home to life. You can experiment with a couple of faded shades to suit your T-shirt and jeans look. The DND gel polish collection has excellent combos readily available.

The checkered designs are back with a bang

As spring has arrived, you can pull out all your DND polish colors from your nailcare collection and lay them out on the table. Spring is the right time to try out the checkered designs, as you can use a colorful mix without any risk of looking flashy. Some excellent combos are green/blue, yellow/red, blue/red, pink/brown, etc. These checkered designs look incredible if you paint the edges. For the rest of your nails, you can have a nude color.

The velvety finish is waiting for you eagerly

Add a dash of glamour quotient to your nails by adopting the velvety finish. The base needs to be of golden color with a generous sprinkling of phosphorescent, white-colored powder on the top to let it shine through. It can look different but being different brings out the element of fun. The color-changing velvet shades can also give you a holographic finish and bring out the best in you.

The French Manicure trend is also catching up fast

You generally associate the spring season with France. The climate is such that it brings out the romantic person in you to the forefront. You can try out the French manicure designs as they are trending today. The light-dark combos look beautiful and can liven up the surroundings and add to the romantic feel.

Try out alternate shades to introduce the fun element

Spring is the time to have great fun. You can start with your nails and try out alternate colors on each of your nails. The pink, rose, red, and orange combo can look excellent as each of these colors complement the others beautifully. Your DND gel polish collection offers all these color combos.


These nine spring trends should rule over 2021. You need to be quick enough, try out each of them and become a trendsetter rather than follow the trends.