Having a tattoo is as exciting as it seems but somewhere in your life, you may want to get rid of an old tattoo. This could be because sometimes there are memories attached to a particular tattoo you once got inked and now you want to forget it, or the reason could be that you simply are bored of the old design and want a new one. But fading a tattoo can be troublesome if you don’t exactly know what you are doing. Using improper techniques and unskilled hands can cause injury or infection on your body.

But don’t worry, we have realized your problem and came up with solutions to wash away your past and fade the tattoos. First of all let’s check out a few tips about how to get rid of your body tattoos.

  • Consult a dermatologist: First of all, you need to consult a doctor or a professional dermatologist. He can analyse your skin and suggest the best possible way to hide the tattoo.
  • Laser treatment: Secondly,the laser treatment. Lasers are an effective way to remove the ink sunk deep into the cells.
  • Home remedies: You can use natural home made remedies to help the tattoos fade out. Applying raw lemon and other natural herbs can fade the tattoo.
  • Tattoo removal products:¬†Tattoo removal products are the most important options to consider while you decide about getting rid of your tattoo.

Talking about products used to fade tattoos, here are a few good options you can consider.

Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System

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Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System is an efficient and effective way to help lighten tattoos or the marks of any permanent cosmetics from the body. It penetrates to the deeper cells and extracts out the deposited ink. The product is safe for the health of the skin.

DR.Drawing Liquid Tattoo Pigment Removal Solution

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Dr. Drawing Pigment Removal Solution contains light and hypoallergenic ingredients which act gently on the skin, removing only the pigments that are deposited in the cells. It is extremely easy to apply and you can use it either with the tattoo machine or by just applying it on your body like any cosmetic product.


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Inked Up is a well known brand which produces tattoo related products. This cream is an effective formulation of the brand. It works perfectly as a tattoo fade cream and allows your skin to slowly lose the inking. No matter how old or dark your tattoo design is, it will slowly become lighter and ultimately it will permanently fade away.

Tattoo Camouflage Cover Up Makeup

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Tattoo Camouflage makeup is produced to give you instant hiding of your tattoo. It blends in perfectly with your skin and dries quickly, giving no traces of the hidden tattoo. Using it regularly, your tattoo gradually fades away.

Biotechnique Avance Mini Portable Tattoo Removal Machine

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Biotechnique Tattoo Removal Machine is the easiest and fastest way to scrape off the tattoo ink from the body. It easily removes the top layer of the tattoo pigments which is otherwise hard to remove. The lower layers then fade out slowly on their own. The product is portable and easy to use.

TOULLGO Store Tattoo Concealer

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The best concealer to hide tattoos is right here to help you temporarily hide your dark and prominent inking. It gives you an amazing coverage on the skin and does no harm to the skin’s natural look. If you use it daily, your tattoo will eventually become dull and fade.


Fading a tattoo is a complicated process. Not choosing the professional method, you can end up wasting all your money with an infection on your skin. Sit back, think about the proper method which is suitable for you according to your skin type and budget. Then go for an optimal method mentioned above to hide a tattoo.