Ever thought how expensive makeup is getting since the last few years? Imagine being a beginner where you don’t know how to properly use the expensive makeup products that you have bought, and you end up ruining not only your looks but also the budget you have spent for buying all the costly products. To make your experience budget friendly, we have brought to you the best makeup products that you need to buy as a beginner to get a complete look within an affordable price range.

Lazy Lip Matte Lipstick Set

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Lazy lip set of 8 matte lipsticks is perfect to take start in learning and experimenting new makeup looks. The different colors available in the set allow you to select and match with your dress and theme of makeup. The matte dry finish allows easy shaping of the lips and you can conveniently use it anytime and anywhere. The user friendly lipstick set is light weight and portable. In addition to all its benefits, the formula contains a moisturizing touch which keeps the lips hydrated and prevents drying out like ordinary matte lipsticks. Lastly, the formulation is water resistant so tends to stay for longer periods of time without losing any color or shine so you don’t need to renew your lipstick every time you eat or drink anything.

COVERGIRL Perfect Point plus Eyeliner

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Cover girl eyeliner consists of a unique and one of its kind pencil designs which is easy to hold while application without causing any mess on the eyes. It has a soft tip which can not only be used for application of the liner but also allows blending on the eye lid. The tip sharpens on its own and you don’t need to worry about the precision in application. This eyeliner is available in multiple shades allowing you the choice of selection. The product is cruelty free and vegan.

ETUDE HOUSE New Double Lasting Foundation

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ETUDE HOUSE has developed the best Korean foundation which has amazing blending and wide coverage on the skin. The product last for longer duration of time because of its double lasting formulation. It gives a natural finish to the face without causing any scaling on the wrinkled areas like eyelids. It is easy to blend so it works the best for beginners. The amazing coverage provided by the foundation hides all the blemishes and pigmented areas and gives a flawless, smooth and even toned skin. A wide range of shades are available which can be matched with any skin type.


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The NYX professional eye shadow palette contains highly pigmented shadows that have creamy texture which allows easy gliding over the eyelids and makes your eyes prominent by just a few dabs. The product is certified to be safe and cruelty free so you can use it on your eyes without any hesitation.

Pixie Cosmetics Radiant Baked Cheek Powder Blush

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Pixie cosmetics radiant cheek blush has baked powder which has a light pink, rosy tone. The color of the blush builds up on the cheeks and gives a radiant and warm glow. It complements the overall makeup look.

400X Pure Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

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The 400x mascara builds your natural eyelashes and gives them extraordinary length and thickness. The natural green tea fibers further enhance the look and make the eyes look like as if extensions have been applied. The product is free from any synthetic or harmful additive. It is certified to be safe and is the best cruelty-free mascara.


Before buying any product, some things are to be kept in mind. Some most important considerations are your budget and the skill to use the product you are planning to purchase. These points are also important while buying makeup products. Makeup products are very costly and you need to get the best product that lies within your price range and still gives you a complete makeup look. The products mentioned above are some of the best ones that you instantly need to buy and get glammed up.