The introduction of colorful shiny nails has been made possible by introducing OPI dipping powder for nails. A lot of women are not able to utilize it because they don’t make use of it. However, this dipping powder can be a great backup to the essential nail coating products that most women utilize. The most common types of nail polishing are what most women are familiar with, and it can take a long time before it gets done. That’s not all; the standard nail polishing does come with its setbacks. If you get involved in any form of activity like washing or any intense chore, it’s possible for the polishing to wear off. There’s also the gel coating that is also popularly known to last longer than the standard nail polish. However, the use of LED light or UV rays on them is a must for the nail coating to last long.

OPI dip nails are known for their long-lasting quality. The OPI dipping powder helps you get your nails coated very quickly without spending hours in the process, like the standard nail polishing. What’s fascinating about this OPI nails is that they hardly wear out or get scratched easily like the typical nail polish. It has a long-lasting characteristic that makes it possible to last up to 4 weeks. That’s quite unusual for nail polish, but this is different from the standard nail polish, you know.

How Does One Use a Dipping Powder?

Let’s start with the word “dipping,” which emphasizes how the procedure is done. For the best dipping application, the first step is applying a base coating on your nails. Once this application is made, you can dip your nails into the powder to get them coated. After you’re done coating with the powder, you apply a sealant on top of the coating. It is this sealant that makes the coating to harden, making it possible for the coating to last for up to a month. Even though it can take up to a month before changing the coating, the application process of the powder doesn’t take time at all. If the standard nail coating should take up to an hour, then this dip powder process will take half the time the standard nail coating takes. Removing a dip powder coating also doesn’t take time, unlike the gel coating. Since there is no constant change of coating when you use the dip powder process, it keeps your nails healthy and long-lasting.

There are different types of pigment dipping powder in the market. OPI dip powder is one of the best amongst the rest. It comes with a fascinating coating procedure that is user-friendly, simple to use, odorless, long-lasting, and fast-drying characteristics. The dip powder gives you nails a brilliant shine that will last for a handful weeks of wearing them. Unlike the standard nail polish, it doesn’t require a LED light or UV light to dry; the sealant does the drying once powder coating. It also dries immediately once applied.

Using an OPI Dip Powder

Using various shades is an excellent way to make your nails beautiful. OPI has been in the dip powder business; it has made many powder coatings accessible for your needs, with 29 coating styles all available. These coating styles include deep shades and light shades. Some of the popular deep shades they have available are the Malaga wine, the black onyx, and the Lincoln park after dark. Simultaneously, some of the popular light shades they have are Mode about you, passion, and many other varieties. It’s up to you to make your pick and color your nails with whatever color meets your preference. However, I’ll advise you to go for a color that matches your personality perfectly. You might choose to use a single color; however, there is room to mix different colors to produce a unique dip powder that will give you the right finish. With the availability of many colors, you get the chance to be creative to give your nails a bright, beautiful look.

Why is OPI dip Powder preferred to Acrylic Gel?

In recent years, there has been a more massive preference for OPI dip powder than the standard nail coating and acrylic gel. First of all, OPI dip powder is far safer than the rest because it isn’t toxic; it contains calcium and vitamin E, no harmful procedures are required, and it uses a sealant that dries your nails immediately. It is also long-lasting and can keep your nails gleaming for up to a month. Unlike other nail procedures, OPI dip powder guarantees a more straightforward removal process whenever you want to recoat. So it offers you an easy application and easy removal. When compared to any other type of nail polish, OPI dip powder is the most ideal.


Having a brilliant colorful nail that is attractive to the eyes is the wish of many women. It is essential to get the best form of nail finishing for this process. Instead of trying out the standard nail polishing. Why not make use of a dipping powder solution. Go for OPI dip powder color to get the best results for your nails.